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Deer Park

Rock City has developed a partnership with Amicalola Deer Park to revitalize our own Fallow Deer Habitat. In April of 2011, the Rock City White Fallow Deer, along with additional Fallow Deer were re-introduced to their new habitat visible from the wooden deck past Fat Man's Squeeze.

Rock City's Deer Park is now home to seven Fallow Deear that represent the breed's entire range of colors and three of them are babies, born this past Spring. We have four Does - Precious, Rockette, Bellatrix and Snow White and three Bucks - Merlin, Starbuck, and Rudy. 

"Working with Amicalola Deer Park, Rock City now has all the Fallow deer varities and genders to have a formalized breeding program that will create offspring of all the different colors," said Jeff Raabe, director of operations for Rock City Gardens. "The herds' genetics and health will continue to be managed closely to ensure a strong and sustainable long-term population of these special animals."

White Fallow Deer are rare, appearing only in one out of every 10,000 Fallow Deear. These der are able to live off their natural habitat at Rock City however additional food is supplementd, such as one of their favorites, corn. This is one way Rock City can cultivate its environmental stewardship.


Rock City Deer
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New Fence Line
Rock City Deer Park Under Construction

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 Amicalola Deer Park began in 2003 when Rainbow Nation stepped in to protect and rescue a large herd of exotic deer. This 1200-acre park is nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains along the headwaters of the Amicalola River. It serves the needs of 150 rescued animals, primarily Sika and Fallow Deear, as a place of retreat, restoration, recreation, preservation, and conservation. Amicalola is now a toured facility offering many special events throughout the year to promote awareness and funding for their mission. For more information on all they have to offer, visit

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