See Rock City Gardens Atop Lookout Mtn.


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1953 Rock City Gardens

September 24, 2012

Today I came across this beautiful full color brochure for the Gardens!  The copyright was 1953 and it was in with some treasures that my parents had kept all these years. When I was a little girl, our family used to drive to Madison County, Georgia from Kansas City, Missouri every summer and our route took us through Chattanooga.  The highlight was to go to Lookout Mountain and up to Rock City.  Great memories!  I'm so happy to see it's still there!  Linda from Issaquah, WA

Romance in the air

July 2, 2012

One of the my most memorable trips to Rock City would be a time when I took a new Alabama resident to see the sights. He was very unfamiliar with the Tennessee area, although he had heard of Chattanooga,he had not heard of Rock City. I took him to the gardens as a way of introducing him to our beautiful surroundings. This was a treat for me too, not only was he good looking but he was extremely romantic. I've visited the gardens many times before but this time I allowed him to "lead" me throughout the trails as if it were my first. His excitement was so sincere and genuine. I saw Rock City in a totally different light.  Its just goes to show you, that Rock City is not just for kids. I love to see the gardens at christmas time that's a real treat also.

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